Aluminium substructures for back-ventilated façades

Back-ventilated façade systems retain their value and are among the most successful façade systems. They are suitable for new construction and renovation as well as for all building types and uses.

The high functional and technical security and especially the outstanding design aspects of a rainscreen façade not only inspire architects and planners but also their users. The extensive range of wall claddings allows a customized façade with its focus on the building. This allows planners to establish a relationship between the building environment, its texture, its use and its users.


A special feature and a major advantage of back-ventilated façade systems is the consistent constructive separation of cladding and insulation. The resulting ventilation space controls the humidity in the building structure. The vulnerability is therefore lower compared to other cladding systems. In addition, special requirements like fire protection, sound insulation or lightning protection are easily implemented.

The substructure is the static link between the load-bearing exterior wall and the cladding. Aluminum substructures are three-dimensionally adjustable and lie down without constraint to the structure. Irregularities and wall projections can be compensated to an absolute vertical and horizontal boundary line. Aluminum substructures can be highly effective integrated into the lightning protection concept - even in non-conducting cladding.

The MAGE FaςaTec system complies with the requirements of DIN 18516-1 (2010) with the corresponding norms of Euro Code 9. FaςaTec wall brackets are applicable as fix points as well as flexible points. That accelerates the assembly work, reduces errors and saves storage costs.

Advantages of MAGE FaςaTec Overview

• Only three FaςaTec wall brackets per floor required
• FaςaTec wall brackets applicable as fix and flexible point
• High torsional rigidity
• Infinite adjustment of dimensional tolerances due to clamping spring
• Wall clearances and special solutions possible
• Fixing with approved fastening materials and FaςaTec washer
• Special profiles also coated and processed
• Thermostop between substrate and FaςaTec wall bracket for improvement of energy management





Our practical checklist will help you as a decision basis for the selection of MAGE FacaTec systems.

Our service to your satisfaction

• Technical clarifications on site, such as anchor pull tests to determine the reliable capacity of the fastening material for the given substrate and actual measurement
• After receipt of the data, definition of the object-specific optimal mounting system for the respective facade cladding
• We provide verifiable structural and assembly plans including listing of the materials needed
• Briefing of the installation personnel


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